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MAP Group (uk) has over 250 vehicles in its fleet, the costs of running and maintaining the fleet as you can imagine are rather expensive. It's a team effort to ensure that we are maintaining our resources efficiently and you can play your part too. Check out the sections below for more information.

Driving License Check

MAP Group (uk) have a duty of care to ensure that all drivers of company vehicles hold a suitable driving license for the type of vehicle being driven. Prior to 2015 we would have asked for a copy of the counterpart of your driving license, however due to the abolishment of the counterpart we now need to obtain this electronically. Please use the link below to find out how you can obtain this information and upload it.


Please use the forms below as required by the business. This is an expanding list so please check back regularly

Vehicle InspectionClick Here
Vehicle Allocation FormClick Here
RTA Insurance Claim FormClick Here
Vehicle Maintenance Booking FormClick Here
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